About Us


My name is Eela and I am a college student with a knack for YA, among other genres. My major is Political science, totally off topic with YA-I know! I am a huge Jane Austen fan and ever since reading P&P back in high school I have not stopped reading books! I love YA dystopias the most. My hobbies (besides reading & blogging) include but are not limited to: swimming, tennis, dancing, drawing, painting and taking siestas. My closest friend is my fellow blogger Jess, we have been the best of friends since high school and now go to the same college and have both come down with the YA fever! Of course the only way to treat it through this blog, and the doctor said it should be daily. So if you have YA fever come and take your daily dose with us and enjoy the site!

My name is Jess! I’m one of those starving students you see roaming around places, more specifically in bookstores, libraries, and museums. I’m majoring in Illustration, and loving every second of it. I love reading YA books, hence this blog! In my free time, aside from painting, drawing, reading, and blogging. I also enjoy baking sweets. I love watching foreign films, and I love running. A thing that I have picked up over the years is drawing little illustrations for the books I've enjoyed and loved. I'm a dedicated person when it comes to the things I do. I enjoy summer, but I love winter- because I love scarfs and bundling up. Eela and I began this blog for our love to YA books. There is nothing better than coming on here and spilling our guts out about the books we’ve read, and becoming a part of a community that treasure books just as much as we do.